The Perfect Bachelorette

Whatever “Bachelorette” means to you, there is the perfect celebration for every type of bride from demure to wild. For some brides even just the term “Bachelorette Party” can strike a deep fear of public humiliation, scandal and an array of tacky paraphernalia, while others look forward to just that. Planning a bachelorette can be daunting because of this, but we love exploring all the different ways to celebrate any bride! Bridal season is right around the corner and bachelorette parties are in full swing, so we wanted to share some of our favourite ways to celebrate.

“The High Noon Tea”

Help your modest bride channel her inner Kate Middleton and throw her a classy and relaxed tea party. Some brides not only do not want the overtop flash of a traditional bachelorette, but they dread it. If you think this is your friend, stick to something like this. Invite close friends and family, choose an intimate setting like a backyard or even a tea house if your community has one and keep things low key and classic. Worried this might be a snore? Jazz it up with some fun bachelorette games, or a custom photo slideshow of your friend. So if your bride seems to break out in a sweat when you talk about planning her bachelorette and she loves the classics, trade your shots in for mimosas and blow her away with how well you know her.

“Weekend Wine Tour”

If your bride borders on modest and wild you might choose to organize your girls for a ladies weekend at a local vineyard. Organizing a wine tour never disappoints, there is often great food, great guides, great wines and of course, great company. You can not go wrong with this combination! Many vineyards even offer free wine tastings and tours, so you can pamper your bride on a dime. After all that sampling, visit one of the vineyard’s restaurants and have a fantastic meal overlooking the lush vines. This bachelorette is perfect for the bride who walks the fine line between wanting a low key get together and wanting to go out and flaunt her final days of engagement. You could even arrange to go out dancing after dinner to complete the day and give her that touch of wild she might desire.

“The Themed Party”

Making a Bachelorette into a themed party is always a great way to bring everyone together in a fun and creative way. It also allows you to really show your bride how well you know her and the things that she loves. The best thing about a theme party is that you can have it where ever you choose, you can host it at your home or hit the town. Because of this diversity theme bachelorette parties suit a variety of brides, but going out all dressed to match definitely attracts some attention and is therefore ideal for the bride who wants to get out there and be noticed! The details you can put into a themed party are endless, and for that reason these type of parties might just be among our favourite. Find out what your bride loves, it can be an era, a movie, a country, anything and turn it into a fabulous themed party that she’ll remember forever!

“Day at the Spa”

If your bride loves to relax and be pampered a spa get together would be perfect for her! You can organize for a spa party to be at your home or at your favourite local spa, depending on your bride’s style. This is a great way to get together with friends, feel pampered and relax a little bit. If your bride is feeling the stress of her approaching wedding day, and likes to be spoiled this is definitely the party for her. Hit the spa and then take the ladies out for lunch afterwards to wrap up the perfect, serene afternoon. Sometimes all a bride wants is a little girl time without any frills.

If you’re planning a bachelorette it is usually because you’ve been chosen and trusted by your best friend to do so. Don’t let her down and organize something that is perfectly suited to her. Show her you are more than up to the challenge, and don’t forget we’re always here to help with those little details!


Mother’s Day Goodies

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we love being able to celebrate the important people in our lives and couldn’t think of a more appropriate occasion to do just that! Every year you seek out that perfect gift that will make Mom feel as special as she has always made you feel. Here at MAKK we think that finding and creating unique and personalized tags for your gifts goes a long way in adding that extra “wow” to any present. While we love the opportunity to create our own personalized swag for our gifts, we also recognize that not everyone has the time to do the same. So we hunted through the blogosphere to find some great free printables to share with you! Enjoy!